Northampton Health Store is brought to you by the same team who owned & managed Health Quest in the Grosvenor Centre.

Local retailer, Carol Faulkner, formerly of Health Quest in the Grosvenor Centre gathered more than 3000 signatures in a battle to save her business but was sadly forced to close.  Carol has managed to start a new venture on The Drapery called Northampton Health Store.
“Many of Health Quest’s customers have found their way across to the new store although we are trying every way we can think of to spread the word across Northampton.  We are relied upon for health advice and natural solutions for a wide range of conditions so it’s important that our old customers are aware they can still come and see us”

Why visit your local, independent health store?

Choosing the right supplement programme for your personal needs can be confusing. Allow our trained and knowledgeable staff to take you through the vitamin maze and develop the ideal programme of nutritional supplements just for you.  Independent Health food stores like ours offer expertise, range and caring. Where else would someone take you by the hand, offer a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a knowledgeable mind and kind heart?
If you have a particular health condition or concern, please first visit a health professional (a GP or a qualified practitioner) to ensure you have correct diagnosis. Often with chronic health conditions, the health food store will give excellent advice for dietary and lifestyle modifications, a supplement programme and possibly assistance from topical products.

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A little bit of history...

We offer unbiased professional advice and a wide range of high quality products for the promotion of good health and well being.